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Browse a list of some of the most popular Mac Games of course we also include and regularly feature fresh MacOS games that you might have not heard about just yet.

We update this category constantly but we are always looking for new games, do not be shy, please contact us and tell us if we think we should feature your game or another game that you think people should definitely give a chance.

Best Mac Games to download right now

» LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 for Mac

» Subnautica for Mac

» Surviving Mars for Mac

Myst gamecover

Download Myst for Mac

Get Myst for Mac and play a fun first person game, re-released with new graphics after being built from the ground up to play in VR.

Official header for spiritfarer

Download Spiritfarer for Mac

Get Spiritfarer for Mac and play a unique building and easy management that is good for all ages, help your spirit friends find their peace.

Magicka 2 official logo

Magicka 2

Get Magicka 2 for Mac and play a very underrated co-op action adventure RPG game that will have you hooked as you upgrade your wizard to become strong.

Disco elysium official header

Download Disco Elysium For macOS

Get Disco Elysium on Mac and play a unique choices matter RPG open game world with tons of abilities, things to do and a well written story.