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About MacHeat.comWho runs MacHeat.com?

Welcome to MacHeat.com where we live, breathe, and eat Mac. We are passionate about Mac and everything that goes along with it. Our goal is to share the latest and greatest findings, tips, and techniques for OS X beginners and veterans.

From Mac tutorials to OS X Apps, MH is the perfect showcase for OS X OS savvy users. You will find in-depth articles on a variety of red hot topics such as web hosting, Mac themes, OS X downloads, OS X design, OS X usability, and more. Not to mention features looking at the business side of macOs, freelancing, mobile applications, inspiration, and resources, just to name a few.

In short, if it relates to Mac, we are interested.

What do we know about macOS? Quite a bit actually. Founded by Juniya Sankara in mid 2015, MacHeat.com aims to become your number one web site for everything relating to one of the fastest and most reliable operating systems in the world.

If you are interested in contributing to this site by writing an article or offering freebies to our users, please contact us via email.

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