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Hello everyone, you can now download Live Home 3D Pro for Mac, before you jump to that, I really hope all of you are doing fine during this pandemic. I am hoping such software like this one will keep your minds off the worrying and you can use your time instead to relax, study or learn how to use a new useful software.

Today we will highlight another new app that is brought to you by a company known as BeLight Sofware LTD, we posted a couple of their products already on our web site in the past few days, you check near the bottom of the post for their other software that you might like. For those of you want to create your own houses whether that includes a detailed floor plan with unique roof designs and such, Live Home 3D Pro might be the software you were meant to try. It comes with a straight forward UI packed with tons of tools including very efficient real time 3D rendering of your work. This architectural app is a good fit for business or personal use, it gets the job done without leaving you drained. Let me know in the comments what you think about this home and interior design software once you decide to try it.

Install Live Home 3D Pro on Macbook & iMac

What is Live Home 3D Pro About?

Live Home 3D Pro is the most intuitive and feature packed home design app suitable for homeowners and professional designers, a successor of Live Interior 3D. Besides offering advanced home design tools, Pro edition provides superior export quality and Elevation View mode.

Live Home 3D Pro Features:

  • Easily create detailed 2D floor plans.
  • Beautiful real-time 3D rendering.
  • Unlimited floor levels. (Pro edition only)
  • A collection of in-depth video tutorials.
  • Built-in Help Assistant and free, quick tech support service.
  • Project Gallery with house projects and sample rooms.
  • Native Support for Live Interior 3D Projects.

    3D Models and Materials

    • 2,000+ furniture and other models.
    • Import models seamlessly from Trimble 3D Warehouse™ (previously Google 3D Warehouse™).
    • Edit furniture in SketchUp. (Pro edition only)
    • 2,100+ supplied materials.
    • Drag and drop any image from the Finder to apply it to any surface as custom material.
    • Advanced material editor. (Pro edition only)
    • Set the exact size of a material tile to know how much of the material is needed for your house renovation project.
    • Import objects in SketchUp, COLLADA, KMZ, FBX, OBJ or 3DS formats by simply dragging and dropping them into your project.
    • Polygonal-based Block tool for drawing balconies, porches, and more.

    Real-Time 3D Environment

    • Adjust the lighting, add and move objects, apply materials, and more right in 3D.
    • All changes, made in 3D or 2D, are rendered in 3D in real time.
    • Walk through your 3D interior.
    • FOV (field of view) and parallel camera projection. (Pro edition only)
    • Set multiple cameras to see the house from different point of views.
    • Achieve natural lighting by setting up true Geo position, daytime and overcast.
    • Adjust light fixtures throughout your project to get realistic lighting scene.
    • Light editor helps to add a light source to an imported objects. (Pro edition only)
    • Create corner windows and complex openings using the program advanced technology.
    • Level of details tool allows to optimize 3D object and speed up the project.
    • Professional Shadow Map technique makes shadows look soft and natural.

    Floor Plan Tools

    • Draw complete rooms using Room tool.
    • Use Arc and Straight Wall tools for drawing walls.
    • Elevation view. (Pro edition only)
    • ‘Auto outline’ vector-based 2D representation for furniture.
    • View real-time measurements for walls, ceilings, and floors when drawing in 2D Plan view.
    • Select the necessary measurement units (inches, feet, meters, etc).
    • Use smart Dimension tool to set the distance between underlying objects or walls.
    • Precise positioning thanks to smart guides and object snapping.

    Live Home 3D Pro Screenshot

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