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Microsoft s ceo unveils the new iphone pro

Microsoft's CEO Unveiled the New iPhone Pro

Apple and Microsoft buried the proverbial hatchet quite some time ago, but now and again, both Apple and Microsoft executives still make the occasional joke about one of their competitor’s products. As seen during...

Apple soon to test its self driving cars

Apple Soon to Test Its Self-Driving Cars

As reported by The Guardian, high-level Apple executives have met with DMV officials in California to discuss matters related to its long rumored autonomous automobile program. The meeting took place on September 17 between...

Downgrade from ios 9 1 beta to ios 9 in two easy steps

Downgrade From iOS 9.1 Beta to iOS 9

If you have installed iOS 9.1 Beta on your iOS device, you’ve had enough apps crashing, and iOS 9’s stability would make your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device usable again, there is a...