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Hello everyone, how are you all doing today? Any of you heard of Cruise Director 5 game? It is now available to download on your Mac thanks to our partners over at MacGameStore. This is a popular simulation game that has been around for some years now, hence this is the 5th edition of the game. I honestly didn’t know this game was even available on Mac until last week when someone sent us an email asking if we knew where to find the game.

I quickly googled the game and at first I thought or rather assumed this was probably just a Windows only game but to my surprise Vacation Adventure: Cruise Director 5 is even available for iOS, Android and thankful, MacOS! So We have the game and everything about it that you would like to know right below. This is one of the most complete simulation games for those of you who love to manage money, people’s feeling’s towards the way you run a business etc. This game has it and even though the graphics could be a bit better or more original, the game is still fun to play, let’s find out what else makes this game worth your time to download and try.

What Is Cruise Director 5 About?

Cruise Director 5 puts you as a Cruise Director in charge, enjoying a truly sensational Cruise of a Lifetime aboard the fleet’s super luxurious flagship, USS Liberty of the Waves.

Arrange fabulous excursions in the Caribbean, Europe and South America. Visit amazing tourist Sights and Landmarks in cities such as London, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Vienna and Istanbul. Go inside the world famous Windsor Castle where British Royal Weddings take place. Enjoy Pacific and Atlantic highlights, spend a while relaxing in the Virgin Islands. Travel across Europe on the World’s most luxurious train, the famous Orient Express.

Help passengers with Cabins, Shopping, Dining, Leisure on board and at Ports of Call along the way. Collect Souvenirs of the cruise. Look for hundreds of hidden objects, items Lost by Passengers, Trash for Recycling. Play superb Mini-Games. earn Merit Badges for your Achievements.

Vacation Adventures: Cruise Director 5 guarantees truly captivating gameplay for families and all ages to enjoy.

  • Earn merit badges for your achievements
  • Gorgeous graphics and gameplay
  • Interactive cruise map for replay and rewards
  • Stunning hidden object games and mini puzzles
  • Superb scenery and luxurious locations

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