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Hello everyone, you can finally download Plague Inc for Mac and play one of the top 5 most popular games right now on the iTunes store. This real-time strategy game is popular because of the Coronavirus that is taking the world by storm as we type this.

Today we will highlight some reasons why you should go ahead and download Plague Inc: Evolved game for your macOS devices whether that might be a Macbook or an iMac. If you a fan of these new age strategy games with ‘interesting graphics’ and by interesting I mean the graphics are not what you might expect, they still look nice and detailed but the gameplay is where this game really shines. It allows you to analyze tons of potential outbreaks that could end up destroying human life and you have to hurry and actually make sure that you destroy the remaining humans while the humans(AI) try to counter your disease. Try your best to infect everyone from citizens in your town, city, country or an entire continent.  The game is really fun and it even gets intense as you try your best to maximize the damage from potential virus that can wipe out the entire human race. You can let me know what you think of the game by leaving a comment below.

What Is Plague Inc About?

Plague Inc: Evolved is a unique mix of high strategy and terrifyingly realistic simulation. Your pathogen has just infected ‘Patient Zero’ – now you must bring about the end of human history by evolving a deadly, global Plague whilst adapting against everything humanity can do to defend itself.

Over 120 million players have been infected by Plague Inc. already. Now, Plague Inc: Evolved combines the original critically acclaimed gameplay with significant, all-new features for PC including multiplayer, user-generated content support, improved graphics and lots more.

Plague Inc Game Features:

  • 10 Different Disease Types – Master every pathogen; from bacteria to bio-weapons and mind control to zombies, end humanity by any means possible – different diseases will need radically different approaches.
  • 23 Unique Scenarios – Adapt your strategy; scenarios create further challenges for your pandemic – how will you handle a new strain of Swine Flu, or infect a world in Ice Age?
  • Hyper-Realistic World – Strategize in the real world; advanced AI and use of real-world data and events make Plague Inc: Evolved a highly authentic simulation of a world-ending pathogen. Even the CDC likes it!
  • Competitive Multiplayer – The world is unlucky enough to be infected with two plagues, but how will you win the battle for genetic dominance against your opponent? Players get all new evolutions, abilities and genes to help them fight for global control and destroy their opponent!
  • Co-Operative Mode – Two different diseases team up to infect and destroy the world together but Humanity has new tricks up its sleeve to fight back! Work closely with your partner and use brand-new genes, traits and strategies to smash cure labs all over the world before they eradicate you.
  • Contagious Content Creator – Hit the lab and develop your own custom scenarios – creating new plague types, worlds and in-game events. Sophisticated tools support user-generated content to let players bring their deadliest ideas to life and share them on Steam Workshop. With over 10,000 custom scenarios already released – there is always something new to infect!
  • Blinding Graphics – Full 3D disease models take you closer to your plague than ever before, city-cams show humanity’s struggle at street level, and the body scanner highlights the full effect of your mutations, organ by organ.
  • Deadly Data – Geek out with stats and graphs; monitor infection and death levels, track government reactions and cure efforts, then review your plague’s success (or failure) with full game replays.

Install Plague Inc on Macbook & iMac

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Plague Inc: Evolved Gameplay Video

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