Apple Makes It Insanely Hard to Replace a Broken iPhone 13 Screen

The new iPhone 13 comes not only with a series of worthy upgrades, but also with a new Apple approach towards third-party repairs performed by independent shops.

More specifically, Apple no longer allows screen repairs unless it specifically approves the whole thing, with an unofficial repair leaving an iPhone 13 with an error that disables Face ID completely on the said device.

iFixit has investigated the change and noticed that it’s nearly impossible for third-party repair shops to perform a screen repair using the tools they have and without actually investing in very expensive equipment.

“Apple has not provided a way for owners or independent shops to pair a new screen. Authorized technicians with access to proprietary software, Apple Services Toolkit 2, can make new screens work by logging the repair to Apple’s cloud servers and syncing the s… (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

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