Apple Can’t Afford the Next iPhone to Fail

No matter its name, this year’s anniversary iPhone is playing a critical role for Apple, especially because it’s one of the most dramatic overhauls of the device in its history.

And an investor note offered by analyst house Guggenheim Securities shows that Apple can’t afford the next iPhones not to succeed because otherwise, the company would be left with just one division driving the company’s growth.

It’s a well-known thing that the iPhone has been Apple’s main cash cow for many years, but this all changed in 2016 when the smartphone actually declined for the very first time since the launch. This was in complete contradiction to the 2015 performance when the iPhone recorded the biggest growth in history, as the graph attached to the article shows.

But if Guggenheim’s estimates are correct, then the iPhones are in a critical place right now, with 2017 to bring only a… (read more)

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