Not All iPhone 12 Versions Will Come with Top 5G Specs

Apple’s new iPhone 12 generation is just around the corner, and this time the company plans to unveil no less than four different models.

Originally, it was rumored that only one of these four iPhones would come with 5G support, but later on, it was discovered that Apple actually planned to bring such capabilities to every single model in the 2020 lineup.

And now that we’re literally only a few weeks away from the moment Apple will take the wraps off the new iPhones, a fresh report indicates that the top of the range configuration will indeed come with an exclusive feature.

It’s the support for millimeter-wave 5G, a feature that would provide even faster speeds. According to Fast Company, only the top-of-the-range iPhone 12 Pro Max will come with it, and such capabilities will be exclusive to customers in the United States, Korea, and Japan.

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