Microsoft Remote Desktop Now Updated with Apple Silicon Support

Microsoft has released major improvements for its Remote Desktop iOS app, finally adding native support for Apple Silicon.

Launched in the fall of the last year with much fanfare, Apple Silicon allows for substantial boosts in terms of performance, and since then, developers have been working continuously on updating their applications to run natively on M1-powered chips.

Microsoft Remote Desktop version 10.6.0 therefore comes with native support for Apple Silicon, as well as macOS 11 compatibility fixes.

According to Microsoft, this new update, also includes “fixes to address mispaints when decoding AVC data generated by a server-side hardware encoder and updates to improve interoperability with current and upcoming features in the Windows Virtual Desktop service.”

The Apple Silicon push

Devices running on Apple Silicon are capable of reaching new performance records when native software is being used, and Apple itself praised the capabilities … (read more)

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