Ironically, Most People Don’t Get New iPhones from the Apple Store

While the Apple Store is the number one destination for new iPhones, most people actually don’t go there to buy the device.

If anything, it looks like the majority of Apple Store visitors step in to get some hands-on time with the company’s latest smartphones. So at the end of the day, the ones securing the lion’s share when it comes to selling new iPhones are none other than mobile carrier stores.

This is according to new research from CIRP, as an analysis of new iPhone sales revealed that some 67 percent of the new iPhones are sold by physical and online carrier stores.

Apple is indeed a top destination for getting a new iPhone, but it’s far behind carrier stores. Only 1 in 4 new iPhones are purchased from an Apple Store, according to CIRP.

In the United States, Best Buy accounts for som… (read more)

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