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Hello everyone, today you can finally download Flutter for Mac and get a chance to basically experience the future of programming brought to you by Google themselves. If you ever wanted to easily build native apps for both Android and iOS, this is probably the best software to do it.

Today we will highlight why you should install Flutter on your MacOS and why it should be your go to app if you want to develop apps for iOS and Android while using a software by Google that comes with a beautiful UI design and almost flawless features. Not to mention Flutter is open source so if you run into any problems, the community is here to help you. I have just started using Flutter today and I can’t say much about it except that it looks great and even though I am not the best developer, it feels like I can code and launch an app for Android and iOS in less than a week, Flutter is that good. Google does it again. Let me know what you think in the comments, do you like it? What about it do you think needs to change?

How to install Flutter on Macbook & iMac

Download Flutter For MacOS

What Is Flutter About?

Flutter allows you to build beautiful native apps on iOS and Android from a single codebase.

Flutter features:

  • Flutter enables you to build beautiful apps. We want to enable designers to deliver their full creative vision without being forced to water it down due to limitations of the underlying framework. Flutter lets you control every pixel on the screen, and its powerful compositing capabilities let you overlay and animate graphics, video, text and controls without limitation. Flutter includes a full set of widgets that deliver pixel-perfect experiences on both iOS and Android. And it enables the ultimate realization of Material Design, Google’s open design system for digital experiences.
  • Flutter is fast. It’s powered by the same hardware-accelerated Skia 2D graphics engine that underpins Chrome and Android. We architected Flutter to be able to support glitch-free, jank-free graphics at the native speed of your device. Flutter code is powered by the world-class Dart platform, which enables compilation to native 32-bit and 64-bit ARM code for iOS and Android.
  • Flutter is productive. Flutter introduces stateful hot reload, a revolutionary new capability for mobile developers and designers to iterate on their apps in real time. With stateful hot reload, you can make changes to the code of your app and see the results instantly without restarting your app or losing its state. Stateful hot reload transforms the way developers build an app — and in user surveys, developers say it makes their development cycle three times more productive.
  • Lastly, Flutter is open. Flutter is an open source project with a BSD-style license, and includes the contributions of hundreds of developers from around the world. In addition, there’s a vibrant ecosystem of thousands of plug-ins. And because every Flutter app is a native app that uses the standard Android and iOS build tools, you can access everything from the underlying operating system, including code and UI written in Kotlin or Java on Android, and Swift or Objective-C on iOS.

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