Author: Juniya Sankara

Apple introduces tvos with the new apple tv 4

Apple Introduces tvOS with the New Apple TV 4

On September 9, during the “Hey Siri” keynote, Apple unveiled their new Apple TV, a completely revamped device both on the inside and the outside. Besides a slightly changed box case and a new...

Untethered ios 9 jailbreak demoed on youtube

Untethered iOS 9 Jailbreak Demoed on YouTube

Although iOS 9 GM was released only two days ago, an untethered jailbreak has already been demoed by iH8sn0w on his YouTube channel. As announced on his Twitter account, iH8sn0w has released a video...

Siri steps in at white house press briefing

Siri Steps In at White House Press Briefing

Barrack Obama’s policy regarding Iran seems to be on the list of interests of Apple’s Siri personal assistant after its impromptu intervention with an answer to a journalist’s question about this subject. As spotted...