Apple Spends $5 Billion, 6 Years to Build New HQ, Employees Hate It

Apple’s new spaceship headquarters looks impressive, to say the least, and it’s no wonder why: the company has spent no less than $5 billion to build it, and it took nearly 6 years to get everything done, including not only the office areas, but also the extras, which include a fitness and wellness center.

But despite all of this, it looks like some employees actually hate the new Apple Park, and some are even asking for their own offices outside the main building. And there’s just one reason for this: the open floor plan.

When Apple started planning the new headquarters, the company specifically asked for an open floor plan because this would allow its teams to work closer together, which should lead to better collaboration and, in the end, to all its divisions collaborating for better products overall.

And yet, while this does look good on paper, it appears that some of the workers are not at al… (read more)

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