Apple Releases iOS 16.3.1 With Big Fixes

Apple has just released a new iOS update to all supported iPhones, bringing the operating system version to 16.3.1.

The new iOS build is live for all iPhones that were supported by iOS 16 in the first place, and these include iPhone 8 and newer.

Apple says there are three big changes in this new update.

What’s new in the latest iOS update

First of all, the new operating system update resolved a glitch that broke down iCloud settings. In the official changelog, Apple explains that “iCloud settings may be unresponsive or incorrectly display if apps are using iCloud.” In other words, if you were trying to change the iCloud settings, you could end up being unable to do so on your iPhone.

Then, this iOS update also addresses a bug that impacted the interaction with Siri. As a native offering, Find My is an essential part of the iOS experience, and needless to say, the digital assistant supports the app as well. You can therefore look for your devices… (read more)

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