Apple Didn’t See This Coming: iPhone 11 Creeping Out People Afraid of Holes

, Apple Didn’t See This Coming: iPhone 11 Creeping Out People Afraid of HolesOh boy, Apple certainly didn’t see this coming. It looks like the design of the company’s latest and greatest product, the iPhone 11, triggers what is called trypophobia.

In just a few words, trypophobia is the fear of small holes, and apparently, the iPhone 11 comes with a design that creeps out folks suffering from it.

While for some people the fear of small holes is something that’s as impossible as it is funny, trypophobia has been around since at least 2005, and it apparently affects a growing number of individuals all over the world.

According to research published by VeryWellMind, trypophobia has no treatment, albeit the therapies that have previously proved to be effective in the case of other phobias could help here too.

So what does trypophobia have to do with the new iPhone 11?

Too many holes on the iPhone 11

As it turns out, the three cameras on the back and the small ho… (read more)

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