Expert Shows It’s Incredibly Easy to Steal the Apple ID Password of iPhone Users

Stealing the Apple ID and password from an iPhone is not really rocket science despite Apple’s obsession for security, and developer Felix Krause has proved that it takes only 30 lines of codes to complete the first step of a phishing attack.

Basically, Krause has demonstrated that it takes only a couple of minutes to recreate the Apple ID password prompt that’s shown on iOS devices, making it super-easy for attackers to create a phishing attack that can then steal the credentials from an iPhone or iPad.

The developer explained that the malicious code could be injected into legitimate iOS apps, which allows an attacker to bypass the App Store security shield and reach thousands of devices.

“Showing a dialog that looks just like a system popup is super easy, there is no magic or secret code involved, it’s literally the examples provided in the App… (read more)

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