Apple’s iMessage Current Down, Investigation Under Way

Apple’s iMessage is said to be experiencing an outage, though right now, very little information is actually available.

While iMessage appears to be working correctly on my devices, there’s a chance the service is down only in some specific regions.

Apple has confirmed on its service status page that iMessage is currently unavailable, though the company hasn’t shared any specifics on what exactly went wrong.

However, users apparently can no longer send messages to contacts, while others are said to be provided with a sign-in screen when opening the app.

The investigation is under way, so there’s no ETA as to when iMessage to could be up and running again.

iMessage still exclusive to iPhone

Needless to say, only iPhone users are affected by the glitch because iMessage is an Apple-exclusive feature. The company has previously refused to bring the service to Android devices, with the legal fight against Epic revealing that the Cupertino-based tech… (read more)

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