What Are The Best Features Hiding In macOS Mojave?

Hidden Features Mojave Siri Showing Password
Hidden Features with Siri & Mojave

When Apple has first introduced its macOS Mojave, the opinions of users split. Some found it extremely handy, while others didn’t like the solutions introduced with it. We believe, that new OS brought some great opportunities to users.

Just like every product of this company, the new OS came packed with many hidden capabilities. Over time, Apple made some fresh updates and added even more features. We have carefully tested all capabilities of this OS to complete our top list of features introduced with the latest OS that, we hope, all of you will find useful.

With new OS, the Dock supports a new feature. It allows you to check what apps were used recently. Here are the steps required to enable it:

  • Navigate to the Preferences and go to the Dock tab.
  • Find an option called Show recent apps and tick it to enable or disable this feature.

We found this update really handy. However, it still has a few drawbacks. Now, the number of apps is limited to three, and we believe that it would be nice to increase this number.

  • New Siri Option

Siri has long proved herself as a useful and dedicated assistant. But now, with macOS Mojave, Siri’s abilities have gone further – you can ask her to help you recall your passwords. Just ask her what your password for a specific account or app is. She will check your Keychain and list saved passwords in Safari to help you out. If she finds it in the system, you will get the password you’ve forgotten.

  • Desktop Stacks

With the help of this feature, you will find new opportunities for keeping the desktop clean and storing your files well organized. You can set up how you prefer to group your files in the Group Stacks tab. For example, you can create stacks based on the date, tags, type of file, etc. You can enable or disable this feature whenever you want.

  • Gallery View

Instead of a Cover Flow view, macOS Mojave offers to use a new feature – Gallery View. This comes in handy when you work with folders that contain many media files. In this case, Gallery View offers many helpful features including automatic preview, quick insights into the key metadata, a possibility to mark up or rotate images right from the Finder, convert the file into PDF, etc.

  • Screenshots

While most of you already know how to capture the display of your Mac, the new OS offers additional options to it. Now, apart from capturing the whole display, you can also capture or record a chosen portion or window.

In addition, you can use a few extra features:

  • Hide or show the cursor;
  • Set a timer for 5-10 seconds;
  • Show a floating thumbnail;
  • Pick which mic to use.

We found this update an excellent improvement. It delivers a bunch of great options that make taking screenshot way more efficient.

  • Software Updates

When you first start using macOS Mojave, it really feels like something important is now missing, and this feeling is not deceptive. It does feel weird how Apple moved list of available updates from the App Store.

Although it is much different from how it used to be, we find this change quite neat. It gives you more opportunities for setting updates in the most convenient way.

Now, instead of going to the Updates tab in the App Store, can check for fresh updates, go to System Preferences > Software Update. To change settings, click Advanced in the same tab.