Wellue’s O2Ring monitors your oxygen & heart rate integrates with macOS & iOS

O2Ring photoO2Ring works with macOS & iOS

Hello everyone, today we are highlighting an interesting product that some of you might have heard about it. This is the Wellue’s official O2Ring, which is basically a ring finger that automatically monitors your heart rate and oxygen levels, very usual for anyone who needs those variables monitored, especially in the era of the Corona Virus and what not.

I received an email a few days ago about this product and after researching it myself, I found that it is something that is certainly useful to some of you who are on macOS and or use iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

What is O2Ring Continuous Ring Oximeter?

O2Ring allows you to track your O2 every second, just wear the ring oximeter on your finger, it will automatically monitor your overnight blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and body movements continuously. This FDA listed product uses the same transmissive oximetry technology trusted by hospitals and clinics.

Wellue O2Ring Features

● Overnight Tracking: Track your oxygen levels, heart rate, and even body movements every second, continuously. Oxygen Level Range: 70–99 percent. Pulse Rate Range: 30–250 BPM.

● Silent Vibration Alarm: When low oxygen levels and abnormal heart rate is detected, the O2 ring has a built-in silent vibrator to wake you up but not your partner. The vibration intensity and threshold can also be adjusted to your preference and needs.

● Detailed & Smart Reporting:It provides you a detailed trend chart with a 4-second interval. Very detailed reporting, it tells you how long your oxygen falls below 90 percent and how many times your O2 drops over 4 percent for the whole night. With the high-resolution chart, you can zoom in and out to see more detailed information and even the exact values when it happens.

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