We Should All Thank the iPhone 13 for Making 5G More Mainstream

Just like the iPhone 12 series, all iPhone 13 models announced by Apple earlier this week come with 5G support, with the parent company promising even faster speeds in select regions.

GlobalData analyst Anisha Bhatia says in a newsletter that iPhone 13 is very likely to speed up the adoption of 5G technology across the world, especially because it’s expected to sell in big numbers. And given the entire lineup comes with such capabilities, customers have no other option than to get a device supporting 5G in the first place.

In addition to the iPhone 13, Apple keeping some iPhone 12 models on the market, obviously at lower prices, will also boost the adoption of 5G connectivity overall.

“Apple’s new iPhone 13 will be a boost for 5G adoption. Unlike Android, iOS users lack a strong selection of 5G devices. The iPhone 13 family is a welcome addition for consumers looking to upgrade. Rival Samsung has a robust selection of 5G phones across price tiers and is top of min… (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

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