Tim Cook Responds to Rise of ChatGPT, Says AI's Potential is 'Very Interesting'

Apple CEO Tim Cook today provided some commentary surrounding artificial intelligence amid the surging popularity of ChatGPT and other chatbots.

Speaking on Apple’s quarterly earnings call today, Cook said artificial intelligence’s potential is “very interesting,” but noted that it is “very important to be deliberate and thoughtful” in regards to how the technology is used.

Cook said Apple has already integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning across several of its products and services, pointing out features like Fall Detection, Crash Detection, and the ECG app on the Apple Watch. He added that Apple will continue to weave artificial intelligence into its products on a “very thoughtful basis.”

The New York Times in March reported that excitement surrounding chatbots demonstrates how Siri and other traditional voice assistants have “squandered their lead in the A.I. race,” as Siri’s functionality remains far more limited than chatbots despite launching over a decade ago. The Information last month reported that Apple employees “widely criticize Siri for its shortcomings” and have proposed large language model improvements that they hope will be ready to launch in an iOS version released next year.

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