This Weird iPhone Bug Makes the Calculator App Go Crazy

They say iOS 11 is one of the buggiest versions of Apple’s mobile operating system so far, and this all happens for a good reason.

Ever since the first build was released to production devices, most of the supported iPhone models experienced terrible battery life, app crashes, freezes, and other issues that shouldn’t normally occur with a stable version of iOS.

But here’s another unexpected bug that’s taking place on every single iPhone running iOS 11, though it’s important to note this doesn’t affect stability or performance by any means.

The Calculator app has a weird issue that causes simple operations to go completely wrong, and at first glance, it’s all because button animations implemented by Apple.

First and foremost, you can try to replicate the bug by opening the Calculator app and type quickly 1 + 2 + 3. If the bug is there, and there’s a good chance it is, the result should be either 23 or 24, depending on how it’s being replicated on your de… (read more)

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