This Took a While: Google Drive Updated with Apple Silicon Support

Apple launched its first M1-powered devices last year, and since then, developers out there have been working around the clock on updating their software to run natively on Apple Silicon.

You wouldn’t necessarily expect Google to need so much time to align with this trend, but the search giant has only recently updated Google Drive for the desktop with full support for M1 Macs.

The new feature is part of version 52.0, according to Google itself, which also brings support for some cameras to back up to Drive for desktop, as well as improved sync performance when connecting to a network after working offline.

The M1 push

Apple launched its custom ARM chip in November last year, and since then, the company has occasionally praised the performance of Apple Silicon.

First and foremost, Apple says, this new chip comes with a noticeable improvement in terms of performance, especially as compared to Macs powered by Intel.

“M1 is the first personal comp… (read more)

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