This iPhone Ultra Concept Makes Sense, Not Going to Happen

Apple is believed to be working on an iPhone Ultra model that could see daylight as soon as this year or in 2024 when the company introduces the new iPhone 16 series.

Initially, it was believed the Ultra would essentially be the new name of the iPhone Pro Max, as people familiar with the matter said the company was trying to align the iPhone lineup with the Apple Watch family.

But based on the most recent information, this isn’t necessarily the approach that Apple wants to use. Instead, the iPhone Ultra is likely to be an all-new iPhone model that could push the price level to a ridiculous point.

Because customers are willing to pay more to get the best of the best, or at least, that’s what Tim Cook says, a more expensive iPhone makes perfect sense. And this is going to be the iPhone Ultra, an upgraded Pro Max that could come with an even larger screen and possibly more exclusive performance upgrades.

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