This iPhone 12 Design Concept Brings Back the Modern iPhone 4 Dream

, This iPhone 12 Design Concept Brings Back the Modern iPhone 4 DreamApple will take the wraps off its new-generation iPhone in September, but as it happens every year, the company has remained completely tight-lipped on everything concerning the new models.

We still found out, however, that Apple’s iPhone 12 lineup will include new screen sizes, beginning with a 5.4-inch model, as well as a 5G support on at least one device.

A concept published this week, however, pushes the whole feature lineup to a completely new level, as it proposes a bunch of innovative ideas that are rather unlikely to make their way to the iPhone 12.

One of them is a display that expands to the edge of the phone, more like Samsung’s Galaxy models that allowed you to use the side for things like calendar, notifications, icons, and checking the weather.

Design a la iPhone 4

But this iPhone concept also envisions hologram support, which would be powered by a camera installed at the top of the screen. This is something that Apple could actual… (read more)

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