There’s a Chance Apple Didn’t Originally Want Dynamic Island on iPhone 14

One of the highlights of the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro is the addition of the Dynamic Island, a software gimmick that connects the pink and hole-punch cutouts into one single design with special capabilities.

For many users out there, this feature is a major upgrade incentive, while for others it’s a major evolution from the controversial notch.

And while users’ opinions on whether the Dynamic Island is a good addition or not are divided, it looks like not even Apple knew for sure if this feature should be offered on the iPhone 14 series or not.

Tech support articles that have been discovered recently depict the iPhone 14 without the Dynamic Island but with the classic pill and hole-punch display cutout design.

Many believe the Dynamic Island was therefore a last-minute addition, though developing the software supposed to power this feature obviously takes time.

Apple quietly replaces pill and hole-punch images

In the meantime, Apple … (read more)

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