The Best Time Saving Apps for Your iPhone

The whole point of technology is to make life simpler and easier, and ever since Apple brought out its first smartphone in 2007, iPhone apps have been serving this purpose well. Why should you have to stand in lines, think about what tasks you need to complete, or waste time planning meals? From your iPhone, you can avoid all these things and more. Here are three useful apps you should consider downloading today.

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Just like stamping library books or renting films, standing in agonisingly long queues on a Saturday night for a lottery ticket is something that is moving towards extinction. Could the thrill of actually claiming a jackpot outweigh the unpleasantness of this thankless task? Well, yes it probably could actually but even so, there is absolutely no need to wait in line any longer. By using the Lottoland lottery app for iPhone, fortune seekers can place their numbers quickly and efficiently, view account and game history, and receive notifications should their lucky numbers come in. Long gone are the days of frantically ransacking your house in search of that elusive winning ticket!


This meal planner app is the ideal companion for someone who either doesn’t have time to plan what they are going to cook each day, or simply lacks inspiration. It integrates meal planning, grocery lists, recipes and meal suggestions, and has over 350,000 recipes to suit every diet and occasion. Say you are scrolling through and you like the look of a certain dish, you can tap on it and it will instantly add all the ingredients to your shopping list. It even sorts these items alphabetically or by section of the supermarket. No more last minute dashes to the shop when you realise you forgot that one key ingredient!


Are you the kind of person who has post-it notes littered around the house and scrawls of illegible script tattooed across your hands? If so, then you probably need to download Clear and become more organised. This is the perfect partner for disorganised, busy or just forgetful people. Write down your tasks and prioritise them in a neat list, and then when you complete them, swipe across and hear the satisfying ding as you tick another job off your schedule. You even get a 14-day free trial just so you can be sure it’s for you.

So which aspect of your life would you like to make easier? Perhaps you want to be able to set your house alarm, view football results, or sync your friends’ contact numbers – this can all be achieved from your iPhone. Whatever it is, there’s probably “an app for that”.