Sealed Original iPhone Sells for a Small Fortune

New-generation iPhones are already pretty expensive electronics, but the original models that launched back in 2007 are selling for really big money.

An unsealed example that was sold by LCG Auctions recently caught the attention of quite a lot of collectors who apparently wanted to have the device in their collection.

After 27 bids, the unsealed original iPhone ended up selling for over $63,350, which means the wealthy person who bought it ended up spending over 100 times the original price of the device.

Back in 2007 when it was launched, the iPhone was available for just $599.

But according to the auction listing, the device has never been used because the owner, who received it as a gift from friends, could only use it on AT&T. As such, the device remained unsealed in the original box until today.

“Our offering was consigned by the phone’s original owner, Karen Green, and is coupled with a great backstory that was first shared on the Treasure Hunt segment of… (read more)

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