Samsung’s Notch Guy Returns with a Notch Kid to Make Fun of Apple – Video

Remember the notch guy that Samsung used in an ad rolled out in November 2017 to mock Apple, the iPhone, its fans, and pretty much everything related to the iOS ecosystem?

He’s back, and this time, he has a kid, and their purpose is the same as before: make fun of the iPhone in a brand-new Samsung ad for the Galaxy S9.

While we’re not going to give any spoilers because the ad is really funny, there’s something that you should know.

Back in November, Samsung used the new iPhone X as the motif of its advertisement, and this pretty much made sense given that it was the best of the best that Apple had to offer at that point. But this time, the company has moved the focus to the 4-year-old iPhone 6 for a completely different purpose.

The battery throttling scandal

What Samsung does in this new commercial is making fun of the way Apple treats its customers, showing just how frustrating it is for someone who paid hundreds of dollars on an iPhone to ha… (read more)

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