Mac QuestionsCategory: QuestionsHow do I fix my slow and crashing Macbook?
AvatarDwight Finn Staff asked 4 years ago

My Macbook pro(2014) has lately been very slow and crashing. I have installed avast antivirus for mac and it doesn’t detect any viruses but my computer sometimes it’s so slow that I have to wait up to 5 minutes for it to respond, its frustrating as I am a student, a graphic designer student at that!

So you can imagine how annoying this can be, please help, whats should I do now? What’s wrong with my Macbook?

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Juniya SankaraJuniya Sankara Staff answered 4 years ago

Hello @ Dwight and Barbra! Thanks for the replies, first off, so sorry Barbra that you had to do a factory reset, if you had contacted us on here we could have solved your issue I am sure, anyway next time if it happens again, please let us know by posting your problem with your mac here first. Dwight, I understand your issue and I am 89% sure your problem lies with some sort of malware or cache problem.

I use avast on my Macbook pro/air and iMac and it usually fixes stuff like slow problems, when it doesn’t it is usually because the problem is something the program can’t fix, for this we have specific software that help clean up and speed up your mac.

SOLUTION: Read our post that lists the best apps to clean up and speed your mac: Any of those should be fine, please let us know of the results.


Barbra VarneyBarbra Varney Staff answered 4 years ago

I have a similar problem with my iMac which I bought, rather it was a gift by my ex this past December.

It’s also been a bit slow I have tried scanning it, I even sent to best buy for those so called geek squad to help but, it was fixed for maybe a week then it started being slow again!!I got tired of the slowness and I sent it back to apple and they did a factory reset for me and so far so good!