Phone Sales Collapsed in Q4 as All Companies Recorded Major Drops

The fourth quarter of 2022 brought a major sales decline for phone makers across the world, with the market declining no less than 18.3 percent year over year.

This means sales in the phone market totaled 300.3 million units, with market intelligence firm IDC saying this represents the largest-ever decline in a single quarter.

Eventually, the fourth quarter contributed to total 2022 sales of 1.21 billion units, which itself is a disappointing figure. This is the lowest annual shipment total since 2013.

Apple topped the sales chart in the fourth quarter with 72.3 million sold units, but this is down significantly from 85 million units sold in the same quarter of 2021. Samsung was far behind with 58.2 million units (versus 69 million units in Q4 2021), while Xiaomi’s Q4 performance dropped from 45 million sold units in 2021 to 33.2 million units last year.

“We have never seen shipments in the hol… (read more)

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