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opera s crypto browser now available on iphones 535230 2

Opera’s Crypto Browser Now Available on iPhones

Opera has just announced that its well-known Crypto Browser is now available on iOS, with the app coming with a rich feature lineup that includes several Web3 capabilities and crypto-related features. For example, the...

apple blocks iphone downgrades to ios 15 4 535199 2

Apple Blocks iPhone Downgrades to iOS 15.4

Apple rolled out iOS 15.4.1 last week, and the new version includes several important fixes, including for a battery glitch that caused massive drains even on the latest-generation iPhones. Given this is therefore a...

iphone 13 is now being made in india 535200 2

iPhone 13 Is Now Being Made in India

It’s not a secret that Apple is working around the clock on reducing its reliance on Chinese companies, and while the reasons for this strategy are pretty obvious, the company is making good progress...