NordVPN Now Offers Native Support for Apple Silicon

If you’re using VPN software to protect your identity while browsing the web, you probably already know NordVPN is one of the leading choices in this particular software category.

And one of the best things about this app isn’t only its advanced feature lineup, but also the frequent updates that it receives to always run flawlessly on all platforms out there.

The latest such update, for example, allows NordVPN to run natively on Apple Silicon, the platform the Cupertino-based tech giant introduced last November and whose adoption is now increasing at impressive speed.

NordVPN 6.6.1 therefore adds full support for the M1 chip, and the parent company explains it has updated several core parts of the app to make sure everything takes full advantage of the native implementation.

“To run on silicon Macs, apps aren’t required to implement native support as Apple has introduced Rosetta 2 – software that translates apps made for Intel so they can work on M1 Macs. Neverth… (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

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