Nope: YouTube PiP Not Coming to All iPhone Users That Fast

Let’s be honest about it, YouTube PiP is a feature that should be available to everybody, not just to subscribers. And Google knows this very well, with the company announcing last year that it planned to make the picture-in-picture feature available on iOS for everybody with an iPhone.

In the meantime, however, such capabilities have already been offered as exclusive to YouTube Premium subscribers, especially as they’ve been advertised as a benefit to paying for a subscription in the first place.

A few days ago, a Google tweet made everybody believe that YouTube PiP for the iPhone was just around the corner.

“Are you using an iOS smartphone? If so, the Picture-in-Picture feature is still rolling out & will be available in a matter of days across all iOS 15+ devices. Tweet back @ us if needed,” the TeamYouTube account tweeted on April 10.

Google clarifies the confusion

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