No Surprise: Apple Card Not Immune to Credit Card Cloning

, No Surprise: Apple Card Not Immune to Credit Card CloningOne of the main selling points of the Apple Card is undoubtedly the security that it offers, especially because it comes with very little information embedded on the physical card itself.

Besides the name of the owner, the Apple Card doesn’t reveal any other information that could be used by malicious actors, such as a CVC code or the credit card number, both of which are typically used for taking advantage of stolen cards.

But this doesn’t necessarily mean the Apple Card is fully immune to the same old credit card cloning tricks, and a recent case shows that one customer found this out the hard way.

His card was used for a fraudulent purchase several states away from his current location, most likely after being cloned with a traditional skimming device that is installed in public places where you can pay with a credit card.

Rare case

Apple representatives described this as a very rare case, albeit it goes without saying that any card with a ma… (read more)

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