No Major Sensor Upgrade Planned for the Apple Watch, It Seems

Like most other hardware companies out there, Apple is also planning in advance when it comes to upgrades for its devices, but in the case of the Apple Watch, it looks like users will have to wait quite a lot of time for any substantial improvements.

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman says that while Apple is indeed planning several sensor upgrades for the Apple Watch, they won’t land anytime soon, with at least one of them expected to see the daylight in the second half of the decade.

More specifically, the body temperature sensor, which Apple originally planned to launch this year on the new Apple Watch coming in September, will no longer go live in 2022. The company has already delayed it, and nobody knows for sure when a body temperature sensor could make its way to the Apple Watch.

New design coming this year

Then, it’s the blood pressure sensor, which Apple considers to be a breaking… (read more)

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