Next-Generation Apple Watch Likely to Get Body Temperature Sensor

The next-generation Apple Watch is expected to launch in September, and the closer we get to the unveiling date, the more information we get from unofficial channels.

This time, Apple watcher Mark Gurman says the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 will come with a notable hardware upgrade that will land in the form of a body temperature sensor.

In other words, the next Apple Watch will be able to take your body temperature, though contrary to what most people expected, the device is unlikely to provide a specific reading, like your current body temperature.

On the other hand, the Cupertino-based tech giant looks to be aiming for a safer approach that will have the Apple Watch estimate if you have a fever or not. As a result, the smartwatch could recommend the wearer to use a dedicated thermometer to determine the actual body temperature and therefore figure out if they indeed have a… (read more)

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