Man Swallows AirPod, Takes Laxative, Digs It Out, Finds Everything Still Working

, Man Swallows AirPod, Takes Laxative, Digs It Out, Finds Everything Still WorkingWhile classic headphones are often super-annoying because their cables get tangles so easily, the wireless AirPods come with their very own setback: they’re easy to lose, especially when carrying them in a bag.

But a Taiwanese Apple customer didn’t actually lose an AirPod in a bag, but in his… stomach. As weird as it may sound, Ben Hsu ended up carrying around an AirPod in his belly (in the inside, that is) after falling asleep with the earphones on listening to music.

When he woke up, he pulled out his iPhone to look for his AirPods, only to find out that he (the actual body) was beeping like a pager when he located the missing earphone.

He rushed to the hospital where a doctor gave the man a laxative because, in the end, getting something out the natural way is always better than surgery.

A round of applause for the man’s digestive system

Fast forward one day later and here’s Ben Hsu in a railway station rushing to the toilet because the AirPo… (read more)

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