Category: Mac Apps

Flutter official logo

Download Flutter For macOS

Get Flutter for Mac and experience a software by Google that allows you to easily develop Android and iOS apps. On top of that, it is also open source.

Highdesign pro official logo

Download HighDesign R5 Pro For Mac

Get HighDesign R5 Pro for Mac & experience one of the most underrated AutoCAD alternatives. Import & edit DWG files. Design houses, cards, buildings & more.

Microsoft rdp 10 official logo

Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 for Mac

Get Microsoft Remote Desktop 10 For Mac and instantly have the ability to connect to Windows 10, 7/8 without lag or speed issues. You use your Mac as if you are on a Windows PC.

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Download Dashlane For Mac

Get Dashlane for Mac and experience a password managing app for your Macbook & iMac devices. Securely login to your favorite websites.

Compressor software official logo

Download Compressor For Mac

Download & try Compressor for Mac and experience one the best encoding apps for your iMac or Macbook. Compressor is made by Apple themselves so you can trust it to work just right. We have screenshots and features for you to compare also.

Parallels 13 desktop windows 10 for mac

Download Parallels Desktop 13 For Mac

Try Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac and experience software that lets you run Windows apps on your Macbook or iMac. You can even run games, transfer files, run programs like Microsoft office instantly, we have screenshots and a list of features.

Elmedia player official logo

Download Elmedia Player For Mac

Download Elmedia Player for Mac and experience a premium video player on your MacOS device. You can even use it to download videos from the web, including YouTube videos. We have more features and photos for you to compare.

Airy mac official logo

Download Airy For Mac

Download and try Airy For Mac and experience a nice and slick YouTube downloader for your iMac, Macbook and MacOS devices. You can also download entire YouTube playlists with a single click.