Linus Torvalds Wants Linux on Apple Silicon

The adoption of Linux has recorded a massive increase earlier this year, and for many, this is something that just makes sense for a wide variety of reasons.

One of the main ones is the demise of Windows 7, the 2009 operating system that no longer receives updates and security patches this January this year.

And while the transition to this operating system continues, Linus Torvalds, who is also referred to as the father of Linux, says he’s impressed with Apple Silicon. And of course, Torvalds, who is a former Mac user, would actually want an M1-powered Apple device, with one condition: it needs to run Linux.

Commenting in the Real World Tech forum, Torvalds explains that ARM chips are actually worth a chance, and he’s been looking for such a device running Linux for a long time.

Now that Apple is investing in ARM, a MacBook powered by Linux could become the ultimate working machine, though seeing this happening is something that’s very unlikely.

“I’d absolutely… (read more)

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