Latest iPhone Update Causing Massive Battery Drain

Apple has recently released iOS 14.6 as a pretty big update, but while this new release introduced a series of improvements, it looks like it’s also causing a massive battery drain on some devices.

There are plenty of complaints all over the web that installing iOS 14.6 substantially impacted battery life, with some users claiming their iPhones barely go for a few hours per charge.

Several iPhone owners explain on Apple’s forums that in some cases, they woke up to their iPhones already shut down after running out of battery.

Resetting devices doesn’t seem to make any difference, so at this point, it looks like Apple is the only one that can fix the whole thing with a new software update. But of course, the company has remained completely tight-lipped on this bug for now, though I expect a fix to be part of the next stable software update.

“I have the same issue with my iPhone 11. I upgraded the other day and I have woken up every morning to find to find it fully … (read more)

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