It’s Not Only Milk and Honey: Terrible App Experience on Apple Silicon

Apple launched the M1 ARM chip with much fanfare earlier this month, promising a totally overhauled experience on devices running on it.

And while the first computers equipped with Apple Silicon are already up for grabs, there’s one thing potential customers must have in mind. Apps need to be optimized for the ARM processor, and while some have already been updated in this regard, there are plenty others still not compatible with the M1 chip.

And the living proof is a series of tweets published by analyst Patrick Moorhead, who recently purchased a new MacBook powered by Apple Silicon.

What followed next, however, shows the world is still not ready for the M1 chip.

“Updated BigSur. Installed my preferred browser, Microsoft Edge. Successful. Edge crashed within 5 minutes. No idea what these error codes mean, do you? Entering my password to reboot. Interesting.  Restarting. No fan noise yet,” Moorhead tweeted.

“Up a… (read more)

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