iPhone 15 Could Get Improved Battery Life Thanks to More Efficient OLED

The closer we get to the fall launch of the iPhone 15, the more information makes the headlines, and this time, the latest alleged leak concerns the displays that are going to be used on the upcoming generation.

A report from Taiwan reveals that Apple wants its OLED display driver chip to be upgraded to a 28nm process (from 40nm on the existing iPhone models).

It’s not hard to figure out what this means. Thanks to the new design, the OLED panels would allow for increased efficiency. In its turn, the increased efficiency means Apple can achieve reduced power consumption, so at the end of the day, all iPhones would benefit from improved battery life.

At this point, it’s not yet clear if Apple wants to bring the new displays to all iPhones or keep them exclusive to the Pro models, but the latter approach wouldn’t necessarily be surprising.

Apple is trying to make its Pro models more enticing for customers … (read more)

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