iPhone 14 Not Affected by the Current Geopolitical Tensions

Apple is one of the companies whose suppliers are still relying heavily on Chinese plants, and needless to say, the recent geopolitical tensions that emerged in the region made many believe that the upcoming iPhone generation could end up being delayed.

Of course, this would be a horror scenario for Apple, and this is the reason the company has been working around the clock lately on reducing its reliance on Chinese production.

But as it turns out, despite the current geopolitical tensions, the iPhone 14 production isn’t affected in any way, with the work on the device still advancing according to the original schedule.

The information comes from well-known Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who says in a new tweet that the mass production of the next-generation iPhone is still on track, with no delays on the radar whatsoever.

“Although some investors have recently worried that the mass production a… (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

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