iPhone 14 Could Have a Taller Display to Make Room for the Pill-Shaped Cutout

Now that Apple has announced the new iPhone SE, the next big smartphone to see the daylight is the iPhone 14, which according to the company’s typical release calendar, should see the daylight in September.

While the company doesn’t obviously share any details early, a report from 9to5Mac reveals that the iPhone 14 would include four different models without a mini form factor.

This isn’t the first time we hear Apple plans to give up on the iPhone mini, so it’s now all but confirmed: the 5.4-inch iPhone is being removed.

On the other hand, Apple is introducing a new iPhone 14 Max that will be a larger version of the standard iPhone 14. It will use a 6.7-inch display, just like the Pro Max.

Old and new processors

But according to the cited source, the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhon… (read more)

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