iPhone 13 Pro Gets Its First Jailbreak, Obviously Not Available for Users

Apple took the wraps off the iPhone 13 lineup last month, and the device is now arriving in the hands of the first customers who ordered one of the four models available in the series.

The iPhone 13 Pro is unsurprisingly one of the best selling configurations this year, and as it turns out, it’s also the first iPhone 13 to get a jailbreak.

Not available publicly, of course, but the iPhone 13 Pro has recently been unlocked by Team Pangu at the Tianfu Cup 2021.

If Team Pangu sounds familiar, it’s because the group was responsible for some of the most popular jailbreaks in the days when such a thing was very common in the Apple userbase. The latest jailbreak released by Pangu was aimed at iOS 9, and since then, the group was mostly focused on breaking into iPhones without sharing any details online.

In other words, Team Pangu most likely reported their findings to Apple directly, with the company eventually patching them and making it even harder to jailbreak an iPh… (read more)

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