iPhone 13 Is Now Being Made in India

It’s not a secret that Apple is working around the clock on reducing its reliance on Chinese companies, and while the reasons for this strategy are pretty obvious, the company is making good progress in this regard.

After starting the production of the iPhone SE in India back in 2017, Apple has gradually been relying more and more on local manufacturing power.

The iPhone 13 is now the fourth model that Apple starts building in India, as according to a report by Reuters, this new device is now coming to be thanks to a local facility operated by Foxconn. The plant is located in the Southern Tamil Nadu state, the report adds.

It’s believed Apple doesn’t want to stop here, as the company also plans to start the Indian production of the iPad as well. In other words, iPads could soon be manufactured in India too, and there’s a chance Foxconn will once again be the com… (read more)

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Juniya Sankara

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