iPhone 11 Could Come with Wrong Accessories in the Box

Fast charging has been around for a long time in the Android world, but Apple has decided to offer such capabilities on the iPhone only a few years ago when it introduced the iPhone X.

Needless to say, fast charging has since been further polished, so the latest-generation iPhone model comes with USB-C to Lightning cable and a 18W charging adapter for even increased speed.

And at first glance, this is exactly how things are supposed to be in the first place, as spending more than $1,000 on a phone should at least guarantee that you benefit from (almost) the maximum charging speed.

Hello, USB-A cable!

But as per a report from svetapple.sk, this isn’t really what happened in the case of an iPhone Pro Max customer.

Photos that the Apple buyer posted online show that instead of the USB-C to Lightning cable, what he received was the older USB-A to Lightnin… (read more)

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