iOS 17 Lets You Share AirTags With Others

iOS 17 introduces a much-requested AirTag feature, the option to share an AirTag with another person. Since launch, AirTags have only been able to be owned and used by a single person, but that’s changing in the ‌iOS 17‌ update.

In the Find My app, you can select an AirTag and choose the “Share This AirTag” option to invite a contact of yours. The invited person will be able to see the location of the AirTag just as you can, which is useful if you’re lending an item with an AirTag attached to it to a friend or family member because it eliminates those annoying tracking alerts.

A shared car with an AirTag, for example, will no longer send up warnings about an unknown AirTag when the person who doesn’t own the AirTag is using the car. You can invite anyone to see an AirTag, and remove the person at any time as well, so temporary sharing is possible.

Sharing also works with Find My-enabled items, so it is not limited to ‌AirTags‌. A person who has access to an item or an AirTag can track it and play a sound.

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